Charlie (ldol) wrote in dumbledorexarmy,


Hello everyone,

I have some news, and this time it's not an April Fool's Joke or any type of joke for that matter.

We will be inhabiting a new home.

I have negotiated with the former owner of dumbledoresarmy and have received permission to take it over. So I will be converting all of the material over to dumbledoresarmy.

So, yes, we will move, to a more convenient, more impressive, LiveJournal name. So I would like everoyne to start joining dumbledoresarmy, but stay in dumbledorexarmy as well. I wanted to just change user names, but it is not possible at the moment.

But DO NOT TRANSFER OVER THERE COMPLETELY. We've still got some unfinished business over here. I will let you know when to transfer.



EDIT: Alright, the header image is not showing in the new community and I don't know why. I've been working with it all day. IS there anyone here who is good with layouts?
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