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My Interview - Responses

I responded to YOUR questions under the lj-cut for my Interview.

witchfu asked: What is it exactly that you enjoy so much about acting, and do you prefer "stage" acting or "screen" acting?
The way I will respond to this question may sound very mawkish, but it really is what I like about it. I like the fact that I could express my personality through other characters. Becoming another person completely fascinates me. I love challenges so looking for different characters to portray (though it's been a while since I've "taken the stage") is a hobby of mine. That is why I am double-majoring in Psychology. I like having to relate myself to such contrasting characters. Then performing in front of others is always one of the funnest (a word?) parts as well. Fame would be cool, wouldn't it? If I had to choose between screen-acting and stage-acting, I would definitely choose screen-acting. With screen-acting, you can do so much more with a production and you can always get little details and point the audience to exactly waht you want them to pay attention to.

davidandxander asked: If you could go to another country for 6 months, which country would you like to go to, and why?
If I could go to another country, it would probably... be Scotland. Scotland is very different from where I live now. I live in South Florida and I always love going to places that are different from where I've been or where I am. Sort of adds adventure to my life. If you would've chose just "anywhere," then I would have said Hawaii, but since you didn't... I would go to Scotland because it looks practically perfect to me. It also has a lot of history which is cool, because the history includes castles! Castles really aren't that expensive either (yeah, I've checked prices), so I want to own one one day. Scotland has a very "homey" atmosphere as well which would make me feel comfortable. Mainly though, I would go because it's just a real pretty place. Also, I believe part of Harry Potter was filmed in Scotland, so that's always a pro.

fading_xhopex asked: If you could ask JK Rowling any three things, what would they be, and why?
Wow, now there's something I've never thought of. Well, right now I would just ask her about book 7, because I want to know! But otherwise, I would ask her: 1.) Would you write a prequel on the Marauders after finishing Harry Potter? 2.) I would ask her the origin of all of her characters, because there has to be at least a small reference to some people she knows. 3.) Then I would ask her if she could add me into book 7. Hahaha. (Then I could get a part in the movie!) So yeah, that's basically what I would ask her, from the top of my head.

xtangledechox asked: If you were given the opportunity to write the last book in the Harry Potter series, how would you write it and what would happen to the characters and such?
I am not going to go into details, but pretty much these points:

- Dumbledore will have been alive the whole time and will make a surprise comeback throwing Voldemort off guard, therefore making Snape a good guy.
- Harry's scar will disappear (I've theorized this since I started reading the books.
- Voldemort will die. Harry will live.
- Harry's friends will play a big part in the battle between Light and Dark.
- Harry will later become an Auror.
- Harry will somehow hear from Sirius.
- I'm really not sure about the relationships - it's just weird that Harry's dating Ginny.
- It would be interesting if everything resets back to when Harry was 1 after Voldemort dies.
- People will die in the battle.
- Then finally... I will write a sub-story about a powerful wizard named Charlie who comes to everyone's aid and helps to win the war!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahah

There's more stuff, I'm sure. But those are the main points to it.

puco asked: What would be your perfect weekend? Put aside money restraints and really, let's cast logic and reason away. Everything your heart desires, your dream weekend.
My perfect weekend would be to get discovered by a producer and have me star in his/her upcoming movie that many people would truly admire. This discovery would eventually lead to recognition and later-on successes in movies. So, as you can see, my life sort of revolves around my acting life... :\ Sad, huh?

But, putting acting aside, a perfect weekend would be a road trip with my close friends to anywhere, wherever - just somewhere real fascinating and cool and somewhere where we can act like kids and just have fun (not like going down slides and that kind of stuff but just hanging out and being in our own world) and not care about responsibilities. It would be OUR place where we would always be able to visit... It'd have a cool lagoon under caves and stuff and we'd camp out on the dry part of the caves. The caves would be surrounded by suspenseful forests that could be considered "mysterious" and "not safe" - but we'd go in anyways just because it's another thrill. My weekend would basically be somewhere adventurous and different. It's really something that's hard to explain.

Feel free to comment.
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