Charlie (ldol) wrote in dumbledorexarmy,

Magical Branch Placement Application for: pottergrl66

All official members are asked to vote on this application. The result will be posted April 15th


01. What is your name? Julie of Gryffindor! (I was JUST sorted, I'm psyched!!!)

02. You walk into the bathroom and you see a troll. What is your first instinct? Cast a spell as soon as I saw it, something that would hopefully stop it from hurting anyone or damaging anything. Then I would call a teacher for further instructions.

03. Are you the type of person who thinks well on their feet? Or do you like plans spread out on a table that you can look over before moving on? I usually do prefer plans, but I can think on my feet if I need to, if the situation I'm in requires it.

04. Which O.W.L. do you think you would master? Probably Charms or Transfiguration. I think I'd enjoy them the most.

05. Who in all of the Wizarding World do you admire the most? It's probably cliche, but Dumbledore. He just possesses so much knowledge that not even very advanced wizards would have. He's absolutely brilliant and is a very warm person.

06. Are you the type of person who would use disguises or hide to get past enemies, or would you trick your enemies with some kind of trap, or confront them? I would certainly avoid my enemies if possible. I like to try and avoid drama if at all possible, it's a nasty thing.

07. Are you one to memorize formulas for every single type of math problem, or would you rather memorize one equation where you could apply it to everything even if it comes to a point where it could be difficult? Well, I'm definitely NOT a math person. One formula sounds nice, but if it would be easier to have many different formulas, I'd prefer to do that rather than struggle with one equation.

08. If you could choose one of the following chores, which would you do?: cooking dinner, walking the dog or cleaning out the cat's litter box, moving around furniture for a cleaner look, spraying for bugs, or wiping down counters and cleaning glass. Cooking dinner I would say. I am soon to be moving into my new condo at school and I'm really looking forward to making my own meals as opposed to dorm food. But, maybe my answer would change after I've been cooking for months, haha.

09. What is your favorite subject in "muggle" school? Well, since I'm in college my classes aren't as basic, so my favorite class right now would either be my Chorus class or my Harry Potter writing class. That's right, I'm in a Harry Potter writing class, and it's awesome!

10. Which extracurricular activity would you prefer?: baseball/football/kickball/dodgeball, painting, jump rope/wallball/swimming, playing outside with your pet, hide and go seek. Hide and go seek, I'd have to say. That game was always enjoyable, I liked hiding especially. I haven't played that in a long time as a matter of fact, I should try that again!
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