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Sorting Hat Application for: azabeth99

All sorted members must vote on this application. The result will be announced on April 10th


01. What is your name? If you could be named anything else, what would you be named? My name is Jessica. I have hated it since I was a kid because so many other people have the same name as me. If I could change my name to anything else it would be Alexandria. It is the name I gave the main character in a story I wrote, and its suck with me ever since.

02. What is your e-mail address? (This is essential so that we can contact you for the interview.) my e-mail address is

03. How old are you? I am 22 years old currently, in a few months I will be turning 23.

04. Explain your livejournal username. My live journal name is based of of my character Alexandria. Her full name is Alexandria Ann Elizabeth Saxton, which she got tired of writting out on paperwork so she shorten it to Azabeth Ann Saxton. So I use the nickname azabeth99 in honor of her. The number has no meaning I just couldn't use just azabeth as a username.

05. If you could ban one thing in the Wizarding World, what would it be? It could be anything. The only thing I see wrong with the wizarding world is the prejudice some people have over others. It should not matter if someone is muggle born or a pureblood, a wizard is a wizard no matter what. These racial discrimiations are wrong and should be stopped.

06. If you could choose one person to be stuck in a room with, who would it be and why have you chosen that person? This depends on what you mean. If you mean someone from the real world I would want my friend Beth. She is like another part of me and I just can't live with out her. In the world of Harry Potter, I would chose Professor Snape. This is because I have a love of the concept of potion making, it reminds me a lot of the real world class chemistry, which I was actually good at.

07. What do you think of when you hear the word "Dumbledore"? When I hear the world Dumbledore I think of the absent minded professor. The one you had in school who always seemed to be losing his way, yet when you actually sat down and talked with him was the smartest man you ever met. He's the type that knows everything that is going on yet, doesn't let on to it because he wants you to figure it out on your own.

08. Out of the entire Harry Potter book series, which one is your favorite and why? My favorite book in the series would have to be Prisoner of Azkaban because you learn a great deal about James Potter's past and why Snape saved Harry's life.

09. Which character do you feel you are similar to? Well, after careful consideration and talking with nalastormhunter over aim. The conclusion was that I am basically the love child of Neville, Hermoine, and Voldemort. I say this because am shy, with a low self-esteem level like Neville or Hermoine when you first meet her. I love to read, and store way to many facts in my head, and can rattle them back just like Hermoine does. Yet, I also have a sadistic streak that would make Voldemort's day.

10. What shape would your corporeal patronus take? Why do you feel this is the shape that best defines you? My happiest memory would have to be the day I met Beth. Nothing could have brought me down off of cloud nine that day. Even three years later, I can still vividly see where we met, and how in my mind. So if I were to have a patronus it would probably show up as a giant version of her.

11. If you were to face Voldemort, what would you do? Well, I hope that I could be brave, but I figure I would probably soil myself and run away in fear. That is unless he tried to hurt one of my friends. Then I would do something stupid like attack him for it, probably getting myself killed in the process.

12. If you found a brand new Remembrall on the ground, what would you do with it? I would try to find its owner. If they were not around where I found it, then I would turn it over to the local police.

13. What would you see if you were to face a boggart? The boggart would become a cross of a spider, a bee, a hornet, a wasp, a very high ledge and snake. Yes a rather messed up creature but those are my fears. I fear things that sting, spiders, and falling from heights.

14. If you were given an invisibility cloak for one full night, what would you do with it? Seeing that I am a clutz and would probably fall down if I tried to walk with a large cloak on over me. I think I would give it to someone who could use it better, like someone from the Ministry and have them spy on the Death Eatter.

15. If you had the chance to change one thing about Hogwarts, what would it be? I think I would give the potions classes a larger room. It seems so cramped the students need more space to set up there equipment so that they can do experiments without worrying about knocking something over. They also need a full day to just work not a double period, its just not enough time.

16. If you could name the most prominent characteristic that you feel shows who you are, which characteristic would it be? (Name only one and give an explanation.) A vault of useful and non-useful knowledge. I say this because I can tell you ever actor in a tv show, who they played, and what else they did. Plus, I can rattle off the answers to any number of read this fact and tell me later like question. However, give me a math problem dealing with things other than simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division and I'm useless.

17. Explain, in order of best fitting, why you should be placed AND not placed in each of the four houses. This is the hardest choice I have to make. For the most part I try to be kind, caring, loyal and friendly like a Hufflepuff. I would like to think I had the courage to be a Gryffindor but I know I do not. I value learning like a Ravenclaw but, I don't always act mature like one. As for Slytherin, I am abitious, determined, and work hard for what I want, and I can be cruel, stubborn, and selfish at times. However, I will not intentionally hurt someone unless they really anger me.

18. What is your favorite thing about Hogwarts? My favorite thing about Hogwarts are the classes. I would love to just sit in on a potions class and just watch. Correction, I would be right in there doing the potion with them.

19. What is your definition of a zatyzactahloch? (Hint: It is not in the dictionary.) I question if its even a real word. But if I had to define it, I would say its probably the scientific name of the Loch Ness monster.

20. Here is a scenario where you must provide what you would do: "Tonight is the very last night that you would be able to see a certain band that is on tour. You have had plans to attend this concert for two months. You were even offered backstage passes to meet the band - something you have always wanted. A half hour before you are to leave for the concert, a friend who you never really communicate with calls you and the person says that they are in trouble. Unfortunately, they are on the other side of town, the complete opposite direction from where the band is performing. Again, this person is not one of your best friends but they desperately need your help because everyone else bailed out on him/her and you're the person's last hope. Your friend is in a situation where their life could change forever for the worse (and, of course, they don't want it to). As well, you promised your best friend that you would pick him/her up for the concert, because you two had planned to go together. What would you do and BE HONEST? Where this is a person who does not call often and I am not close to, I would say I was sorry but could not help. I would then politely tell them that if they were in danger of some kind to call the police or a help line. I would then head off to the concert and probably not think about it.

21. Why apply here, considering all of the other Harry Potter stamping communities? Well, I am applying here because it the only one that actually is challeging me with the questions. The others, I end up with a question like which do you like more dark chocolate or white chocolate, answer it one way I'm in Gryffindor answer the other Slytherin. This is the only community I've found that I might actually get a true answer from.

22. How did you hear about this community (if someone referred you, please provide the username)? I was referred here by nalastormhunter.
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